Concatenate tracefiles using zip

After enabling a logon trigger that started tracing a named user, I got many tracefiles. Analyzing (tkprof) each one of them is time consuming.

I wonder how I could concatenate the files into one tracefile and then run tkprof on the concatenated file. I can of course use cat file1 file2 … > new.trc. But I had a lot of files so it didn’t seem to work for me.

My solution is to build a zip file of the trace files, then I extract them uisng the pipe function.

zip *.trc

unzip -p > alltrc.trcĀ 

Then I run tkprof on the new file

tkprof alltrc.trc alltrc.out sys=n explain=user/pw sort=fchela

It didn’t work, my new trace file reached the limit of 65535 statements in one tracefile, this is a tkprof limit. So use another tool to format it.
I used ORASRP, now I had my formatted tracefile.


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